Hello and Welcome to The Beret and Baguette – a website about life in France.

If you live in France and are looking for a place to find answers about the ins and outs of life here, then you have come to the right place.

If you simply love France then this is a place for you to learn a bit more and maybe pick up a few tricks for your next visit.

The Blog is a place to find practical information about life in France and humorous stories about some of the uncertainties of adapting life once here.  Contributing authors, living in and outside of France, share stories about their “French experience” and what draws them to the culture and why.

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Latest from the blog

Les giboulées de mars

Like many, I am happy to be rounding winter’s corner.  Even though this year’s winter has been generally mild, I am looking forward to warmer, sunny days and slowly climbing temperatures.  I recall... Read More

Hats off for the circomflexe!
| |

  For many second, or third, language learners, French is a finicky and problematic language to learn.  Unlike Spanish or Italian, the article and noun gender have no correlation.  In Spanish, “casa” is... Read More